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deebot box        Meet the floor cleaning Robot  DEEBOT R95.

I really love this well designed vacuum floor cleaner. It’s a nifty little character that works quite hard on keeping the floors clean. She has her own personality and we have have  called ours Roberta.

on the move

It’s wifi too and there’s a great free smartphone app on iOS and Android for operating the Deebot.

the app

Watch as it maps out the floor area to be cleaned utilising SMART NAVI technology, a proprietary laser scanning and mapping process   ……….and then cleans it.


You can amend the map to add barriers and separate zones ( Be warned this will climb up a few centimetres but it does also sense a drop of a stair and changes path accordingly ). Oh and you can schedule the cleaning too  – up to twice a day and then the robot returns to its charging base and waits for the next instruction or cleaning schedule whilst it recharges.

It’s pretty swift too – I have used  Roomba Robots before but this is lightning fast and efficient compared to those heavy old-school beasts. I would highly recommended this product although I would advise that its not suitable for really thick heavy carpets.  It is also very flexible in cleaning around obstacles that the kids leave scattered about the floor as the children tend to do using its inbuilt obstacle detection technology.

cleans around clutter

It’s pretty quiet for a vacuum cleaner but not silent and my planned late night cleaning schedule was rejected within seconds on noise grounds – but no one complained at all as it worked away around them during the day.

My wife is so impressed I am now “Head of Floor Cleaning” at home. There’s a plastic reservoir with a towel attachment for wet cleaning over tiles and wooden floor which seems to work very well  across our Oak Flooring and Kitchen Floor tiles .

It communicates quite loudly in spoken phrases (in several Languages) and clearly whilst working and there’s full reporting of work done which is useful too.


Theres a HEPA filter on board for allergy sufferers and its probably good for homes up to 150M2 in size and you will need a smart phone to drive it, initially at least.